45 Years of


Founded in 1974 as Call Center Resources, the company began operations by specialized in inbound customer service and outbound sales which has stood the test of time and continues as an award-winning client service to this day. During the next 30 years, CCR blossomed employing as many as 300 employees in several locations with 100’s of repeat clients.

In 2009 the company recognized that the demand for customer service was at an all-time high and with foresight into changing corporate sentiment related to “Call Centers”, rebranded to Contact Source Solutions. This rebranding was implemented in order to identify as a dynamic customer solutions provider rather than a call center which as it turns out, ended up being a stroke of genius based on the company model today.

Always on the forefront of industry technology and service advancements, Contact Source Solutions overhauled its inbound customer service platform in 2014 and debuted a soft dialer system which allowed for more dynamic call solutions and time management for its reps. Once deployed the system increased agent productivity 300% allowing for another age of expansion!

As a result of significant increased efficiency, the company was able to add two more major market segments in 2015. These new divisions, deregulated energy sector as well as HIPAA and PCI compliant healthcare inbound call services, complement its well-established insurance and corporate services divisions and healthcare remains the company’s bread and butter today.

In order to maximize the accessibility of a shrinking pool of educated and reliable customer service reps, Contact Source switched to a virtual model in early 2016. Today Contact Source Solutions works with major hospital groups such as University Hospitals and fortune 500 medical supply companies like Byram Healthcare. The virtual model means that the company can hire from anywhere in the world and employ the most qualified people, not just the most qualified people in “our area”.

Now that we are in 2019 the company has seen its clients win JD Power awards for customer service; We work with fortune 500 clients and boast a BBB record that is without complaint. We use a soft dialer platform to ensure maximum efficiency while employing a virtual service model as well as a brick and mortar “Call Center” compliment depending on the client requirements. It’s safe to say that Contact Source Solutions is one of the best in the business and we intend on thriving for another 45 years to come. The company history is still in the making by adding amazing new clients and creating and implementing technology advancements that will continue to keep Contact Source Solutions ahead of the competition.

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