Human Capital
and Smart Technologies

About Us

Contact Source Solutions is an inbound/outbound customer service organization providing services to relationship-based clients in healthcare, deregulated energy, Local governments and subscription retention industries. CSS believes that investing in human capital and smart technologies to deliver a competitive edge for our clients. We are capable of building teams in managed facility at our corporate headquarters or we can build teams of talented agents from anywhere in the world using our virtual model. Whatever our clients requirements we have the people, technology and facilities to maximize ROI and the highest quality customer care in the business.


  • Ability to recruit Agents from across the country
  • Ability to recruit for project specific experience
  • Agents able to work within own time zones – eliminating need for shift differentials
  • No need for local disaster recovery solution
  • Lower staff turnover rates
  • Significant increase in productivity
  • Reduced call-offs

State of the Art

Our Technologies

Five 9

  • Recognized leader in advanced contact center calling platforms
  • 100% cloud-based calling
  • Offers georedundancy, ensuring consistent coverage in instances of regional outages
  • Robust dialer and reporting customization enabling tailored configurations

Mediavault Plus

  • Cloud backup system for customer recordings
  • Customer access to recordings through user-friendly, intuitive interface
  • Integrated Call Quality and Compliance Scoring Capabilities

Our Technologies

We only hire positive and energetic employees with customer service industry experience to join our team and represent our clients. Our average staff tenure is roughly five years which is at the top of the industry. Our agents and managers sole focus is on our client’s customers experience and journey through the life of the relationship. All member of the Contact source Solutions team specialize in call resolution and customer retention and that’s why we are a the only choice for customer service needs.

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